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You should, of course, expect a good and effective service.  You can secure our services by calling our telephone numbers above, or by emailing us.


Much, but not all, of our business is obtained through agents.  Sealand maintains contact with a number of agencies, which work for us to find suitable clients.  If we choose to work with a client, we agree a contract with the agent to provide Sealand’s services to the client, using the agent as an intermediary to negotiate on our behalf.  We pay commission to agents for this service. 

Except for the simplest of contracts, which will often be verbal, either face to face or by telephone, we make sure that we agree the contract in writing.  This is most often carried out by email. 

For general clients

Except where a service is to be provided over a long period, the email will normally set out briefly and clearly the work to be done or service to be provided, and a date or dates, together with a link to our Small Print pages that you are reading now.  When the contract is of a more significant nature, then we will attach a draft of our standard contract for your approval or negotiation.

For offshore clients

We are resigned to the realities of the maritime world, so we are not surprised when clients experience delays or let us down, and we know that a contract is not firm until we have reached a written agreement. 

Once we have made a commitment to a contract, we consider that binding upon both parties and from that point we will not enter into any negotiations with other clients that will interfere with that commitment.  We naturally hope that our clients will extend the same consideration to us.  In furtherance of that, whenever we agree a contract with an agent we confirm it by a Contract Acceptance email in the following format:

Sealand Systems Ltd agrees with <agent> to provide our services of <specified> to <end client> [in <vessel>] at <location> from <date> for <period> [or until <date>] (extendable) at the rate of <£rate> per day (including travel days) subject to all of Sealand's standard terms at and any further terms that we agree in writing before the commencement of the contract. Travel expenses at cost are chargeable in full to the client.

Your contract will be with Sealand Systems Ltd, a VAT-registered UK limited company incorporated in 1999.

Sealand is very pleased to be a supporter of the Open Document Foundation, Linux Mint, and the Lancing and Sompting Churches’ Food Bank.

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